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Torrance InvisalignMisaligned are frequent problems that can prevent a genuine smile from forming.  While metal braces are the traditional option for fixing this problem, they place additional weight on the teeth and are a visual distraction. This contributes to people choosing to avoid treatment altogether.  But there exists a way to straighten teeth without experiencing these annoyances.  Invisalign is the popular alternative to metal braces and is revolutionary when it comes to straightening teeth.  A large percentage of patients go with Invisalign to treat misaligned teeth because of its convenience, simplicity, and versatility.

Through the application of Invisalign trays, you can experience the same teeth straightening process that metal braces deliver except with fewer annoyances. Bite problems may be corrected as well.  Additionally, Invisalign may also help reduce the occurrence of tooth decay, gum disease, overcrowding, and jaw pain.

invisalign preferredOur specialist Dr. Robert Mondavi possesses decades of experience in providing the best Invisalign treatments around. The procedure begins by taking an impression of your teeth.  After accurate spacing is determined, customized aligning trays are designed by our lab.  These trays are then fitted onto your teeth through a simple application process. The trays are disposable and can be replaced every few weeks at your discretion. The straightening process begins after the trays are fitted.  Patients can also check their progress by monitoring their teeth through visual imaging.

Because Invisalign treatments are so personalized and simplified, few experts are surprised that this treatment is popular.  You won’t find many dentists that can deliver as high quality an Invisalign experience as Dr. Mondavi. With just a simple call to our office, you can change your life and get the gorgeous smile you deserve!

Benefits of Invisalign:

  • Nearly Invisible Aligners
  • Correct Misaligned Teeth
  • Prevent Tooth Decay
  • Removable for Easy Cleaning


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